Mystery Grab Bags!

$ 35.00

Pre-sorted and shipped in a PFRE. If purchasing more than one bag your shipment will be combined.

Grab bags are full of short cuts or flawed yardage that may contain the following: test holes, white streaks, white dots, smudges, smears or any other known flaw typical of short run productions. All fabrics are of usable quality.

Your bag will be stuffed! It will contain between 3-3.5lbs of fabric and will feature a variety of prints from our rounds. Fabric cuts will vary in size between 1/4y-1/2y pieces. 99.9% of cuts are by full width (56-60in) Panels and stripes may be included as a bonus!

There are no returns on grab bags so please note this before purchasing if you are uncomfortable with potential flaws and non full yards. Thank you!

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